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PW900 Geomebrane Welder applicable for 1-3mm material

Power:1800W Voltage: 220V Frequency: 50Hz Welding speed: 0.5-5m/min Heating temperature: 0-450℃ Material thickness: 1-3mm Welding seal thickness: 14mm×2, Intermediate cavity:16mm Seam strength: ≥85% base material (tensial resistance in share direction Joint width: 120mm N.W.: 13kg; G.W.:18kg Insulation grade: I

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    PW900 Series Thick Geomembrane Welder adopts advanced hot wedge structure, with high power, high speed and strong pressure force; suitable for 1.0-3.0mm thickness hot melt materials such as PE, PVC, HDPE, EVA, PP, TPO. This welder is extensively used in highway/railway tunnels, urban subway, aquaculture, water protection, chemical mining, refuse landfill, sewage treatment, waterproofing projects etc.



    a. For welding membrane thickness 1.0-3.0 mm with steel pressure roller. 

    b. For welding the materials that may release corrosive gas after hot fusing such as PVC and other similar material, stainless steel hot wedge (optional accessory) is preferred for extending of service life.

    c. Any else customized demands, you can ask us directly, we have a professional technicians team.



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    The big difference between PW900D and PW900 is that PW900D is the speed display screen, you may real time to monitor the speed!!

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    1. The silica pressure roller is suitable for welding membrane which the thickness below 0.5-2mm.

    2. The steel pressure roller is suitable for welding membrane which the thickness between 1.0-3.0mm.

    3. Max. temperature can be reached to 800℃.

    4. Break traditional 23kg heavy weight, it's just 9kg light body weight, which makes the welding is more convenient. 

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    1. For welding membrane with thickness below 1.0 mm, the silica pressure roller is the suitable choice.

    2. For welding membrane with thickness above 1.0mm, the steel pressure roller is the best choice.

    3. If the material is PVC, this model can weld from 0.2-2.0mm, and you can choose to assemble it with steel hot wedge.

    4. Any customized demands, you can ask us directly. We have professional technicians team.

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